Arranging a Funeral – FAQs

Why does a funeral need to happen so fast- or at all?

We understand the hesitation some families may have towards a funeral service, especially since they seem to happen so fast. There are families who opt to just have the remains cremated with a very small service or no service at all. While there are practical reasons for having a funeral so quickly, the choice is yours as to when a funeral service should be held. We sincerely believe that a funeral service is a beautiful way to say goodbye to a loved one.

Can we get the lowest cost option possible?

We know a few truths about funerals. One of them is that many families don’t have a big budget or any budget at all to work. We understand this. This is why we offer low-cost basic funeral options for families who want to have the kind of service their loved one deserves while being aware of budget demands.Ultimately, we are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to discuss your funeral needs.

Is a viewing needed?

A viewing is not a necessary however it can help in aspects of closure. Viewings usually precede the funeral service and they have been contended as helpful for children and loved ones.

Is embalming necessary?

It depends on your wishes. Embalming preserves the body’s appearance, which is beneficial for viewings and open caskets. Although this isn’t necessary, it a standard procedure and can be used to extend the funeral date from the date of death.

Who should be notified after a death?

Contact your loved one's GP or the Police. They will assist you with the process. A doctor is required to complete a Death Certificate prior to your loved one being taken into the care of a Funeral Director.The Notification Checklist link below can assist with other organisations that should be contacted after a death:

Who registers the death?

Our Funeral Directors will complete the registration of death on the family’s behalf.

What can be done with cremation remains?

Cremated remains can be kept in an urn or buried at a memorial site. It is up to the family on what they would like to do. We can assist you with selecting a suitable urn for your loved one.

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