Orthodox Funerals

Orthodox funerals are a deeply spiritual tradition filled with respect, love, and reverence. From the initial prayer to begin the service, to the heartfelt eulogies that celebrate their life and legacy, an orthodox funeral is designed to be an inclusive and comforting experience for friends and family of the deceased.

Every service offers an opportunity for healing by uniting people in shared sorrow as well as providing each individual time for reflection. An Orthodox funeral brings a sense of structure to a time of uncertainty, allowing us to begin the process of grief and eventually acceptance on our own terms.

At Personal Farewells, we understand how important it is for families to give their loved ones a respectful sendoff. That’s why our team of specialists are highly experienced in providing tailored Orthodox Funerals that meet the spiritual and practical needs of those present.

We understand the significance of certain rites and regulations of an Orthodox Funeral, and take care to prepare any necessary requirements. With compassion and professionalism at every step of the way, we ensure a respectful send off for your beloved, tailored to their religious beliefs.

What Are Orthodox Funeral Rites?

Planning a funeral requires thoughtful consideration of the deceased’s wishes and any religious considerations. It is important to take the beliefs and values of both the departed and their families into account.

Orthodox funeral rites are an important part of the funeral process, as they provide a respectful way of saying goodbye to the deceased. These rituals focus on helping family and friends grieve while also honouring the individual’s life and faith.

Orthodox funeral rites are based on age-old religious traditions, with some regional variations in different countries. These rituals differ from religion to religion and often involve mourning, grieving, and remembering the deceased person.

Service Procession

In most cases, these funerals start with a procession of family members and friends who hold icons or prayer books as they move around and pray for the soul of the deceased. During this service, rituals such as incense burning and passing around a lit candle can  take place.

Resting Place Visitation

Visiting the resting place of a deceased loved one is an important part of Orthodox funeral rites. For observants, the hearing of eulogies, or words of praise, at the designated space creates a solemn yet spiritual atmosphere through which family and friends can express their love and memories shared with the deceased.

Communal Meal

In many Orthodox cultures, an important part of the funeral rite is a communal meal to honour the life and passing of the deceased. This custom comes from both religious roots and common practices of gathering together with family and friends to share food and conversation. During an Orthodox funeral meal, different traditional dishes may be served based on the deceased’s background and local customs.

In addition to providing an opportunity for honouring the life of a loved one, these customs emphasise spiritual well-being for mourners, an important element for bringing closure upon death.

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Why Us

At Personal Farewells, we understand that saying goodbye to a loved one can be both emotionally and physically exhausting for family and friends. That is why we strive to provide a safe, secure, and warm environment where people who are mourning can come together and find solace in saying their last farewells.

We’ve based our business to run on a number of fundamental principles.

Experienced Orthodox Funeral Directors

Our team of professionals has years of experience in Orthodox traditions, ensuring your loved one’s funeral service is conducted in a dignified and respectful manner. We understand the importance that the details of each funeral service can have, and are here to help guide you through this difficult process. With our attentive and caring staff, you can trust that we will help create a meaningful farewell that pays tribute to your loved one’s life.

Family Values

Personal Farewells is a 100% family-owned and operated business that recognises the importance of family values. We understand that one of the most important things in life is family. Our services reflect this ideal, as we strive to provide the highest quality funeral arrangements and personal touches that make the process of saying goodbye a little easier.

Fully Tailored Services

We understand how important it is to make sure your loved one’s last goodbye is exactly what they would have wanted. That’s why we provide a truly tailored service, making sure each and every aspect of the funeral honours their wishes completely.

From the order of service to flowers and music, our team will work closely with you every step of the way to ensure everything runs smoothly and nothing is left unfinished. We are committed to delivering an individualised final tribute to your loved one that celebrates their life in a special and meaningful way

Trust and Support

We understand that navigating the process of saying goodbye can be difficult. That’s why we focus on providing a supportive and trusting environment for friends and family of the deceased to honour their memory.

We offer a single personal point of contact that can help anyone through such an emotional time, and we also offer 24/7 email and phone support.

Our commitment is to make sure members of the bereaved feel confident in our care, and ensure that their loved one is treated with dignity and respect each step of the way as they say farewell.

Affordable Prices

At Personal Farewells, we understand the importance of honouring your loved ones while staying within your budgetary constraints. That is why we offer affordable pricing and a variety of services to make sure families can honour their deceased with respect and dignity. Our dedicated staff will ensure that every service provided not only meets all expectations but also fits into any budget.

Orthodox funerals are significant events that mark the end of a life and are rooted in spiritual and religious customs. They provide an opportunity for loved ones to honour their deceased relatives and enact traditions that pay respect. From the special garments worn to the specific rituals involved, each element of an Orthodox funeral is meaningful and significant.

Funeral directors who specialise in Orthodox funerals can help families understand and adhere to any applicable customs while offering suggestions on how they might like to honour their loved ones during the ceremony.

Premium Orthodox Funeral in Sydney

At Personal Farewells, we understand that the passing of a loved one is a difficult and emotionally taxing situation. That’s why we strive to make all our Orthodox Funerals as respectful, smooth, and stress-free as possible.

Our experienced and knowledgeable team are experts in making arrangements for Orthodox Funerals, ready to work with you throughout the entire process. We’re here to help sort out every detail from start to finish so you can focus on coming together with your family and remembering your loved one.

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