Funerals for Babies

Funerals for babies are an exceptionally difficult and emotional occasion. Many bereaved parents feel immense grief when they experience the loss of a pregnancy or a baby, as it can represent not only the end of a much-awaited dream but also the potential loss of an unborn child or grandchild.

It is important to remember that funerals for babies offer closure and provide an opportunity for family members to recognise and appreciate the brief life that has been taken too soon. While it can be heartbreaking, planning a funeral for babies with respect and care is the best course of action to help families cope with their grief in the days following their unimaginable loss.

At Personal Farewells, it’s our privilege to provide funeral services that are specifically catered to the needs of families who have experienced such a tragedy. We understand and appreciate the unique nature of this situation, which is why we strive to ensure our clients can honour their lost babies with specialised funeral arrangements.

We work closely with the family to provide a fitting service tailored just for them. All our funerals are conducted discreetly, with respect and dignity in order to give families a chance to say goodbye in the best way they can.

Funerals for Babies

Funerals for a baby can feel like an incredibly difficult time, as family and friends seek to pay tribute to their loved ones in a meaningful way. When considering the type of funeral that is appropriate during this difficult event, it is important to consider a range of factors.

Religious Beliefs

For families who are mourning the loss of an infant, funeral services provide an important opportunity to come together and collectively grieve. Having a formal ceremony can help with the healing process and is often deeply linked to the family’s religious beliefs. Depending on the religion, such funerals may include special prayers or rituals to express grief and ensure that this little life’s journey is sacredly remembered.


Funerals for babies can be a difficult time, and personalisation is an important aspect of giving these special little ones the fitting send-off they deserve. It is possible to incorporate the baby’s personality and favourite things into the service, whether it be a special song, photo or artwork, or simply memories shared by family and friends that reflect upon the short life lived.

As part of our commitment to meeting our client’s needs, we provide a range of options so our clients can give their babies the send-off they truly deserve.

Some of the options we offer include:

  • Private viewing at our viewing room
  • Arranging hand, feet and finger prints for keepsake memorial options
  • Options for special moments and memories such as meaningful photos

Incorporating personal touches helps both grievers and celebrators honour the memory of their beloved baby in a unique way, which may make this challenging time a bit easier to bear.

To provide valuable support throughout the grieving process, we’re available 24/7 with personalised support and maintain open and reassuring communication whenever you may need it.


Family members must make a decision on what works best for them emotionally at such a sensitive time, this can range from a small intimate ceremony to a larger occasion.

For families grieving the loss of a baby, attending a funeral service can be an important way for them to honour the life of their infant and find some closure from the tragedy. It is often difficult to process and understand the circumstances of such losses, and a funeral service for many is an important part of accepting it and moving forward. Although it can be overwhelming, attending a beloved baby’s funeral can also offer comfort and peace knowing that they amazed loved ones up until their heartbreaking passing.

Grief Counselling

Grieving the death of a baby can be an incredibly traumatic and painful experience. As such, it is important for those affected to seek out appropriate grief counselling that can help them with healing. Grief counselling provides bereaved family members with the emotional support they need to process and cope with their loss. It helps families discuss their feelings of pain and sadness, as well as connect with others who have experienced similar situations. Through compassionate dialogue and therapeutic techniques, many find that it helps them discharge deep emotional trauma during this difficult time.

Ultimately, deciding on exactly what should be done isn’t an easy decision, but families should find solace in honouring and celebrating their beloved child through the experience of a meaningful funeral service.

Why Us

At Personal Farewells, we understand how difficult a time it can be to say goodbye to a loved one. We are here to support families and friends with the farewell process in a safe, caring and warm environment.

Our commitment is to ensure every aspect of the service honours the individual being farewelled, as well as providing ongoing care for those grieving. We take pride in providing dignified services that stay true to any cultural or religious needs involved. Our goal is for everyone attending the farewell to feel supported and respected during this emotional time.

We’ve based our business to run on a number of fundamental principles.

Infant Funerals

At Personal Farewells, we understand that the loss of a baby can be extremely distressing. We are here to help you through these difficult times and arrange a funeral service for your little one. Our experienced team will carefully organise every detail, ensuring that your baby is farewelled with the utmost respect, dignity and compassion. If you choose infant cremation, we provide the same level of care and attention to detail, ensuring a respectful and compassionate process.

Family Values

Personal Farewells is a 100% family-owned and operated business that recognises the importance of family values. We have a focus on providing great service to families in times of need, ensuring that everyone is comfortable and taken care of as best we can. Our staff believes strongly in the values of family and does everything they can to look after our clients in their time of need.

Fully Tailored Services

We strive to provide support and guidance through our range of fully tailored services. We aim to make sure your departed family member receives an unforgettable send-off, as we take care of every detail to ensure the funeral arrangements are unique, respectful and meaningful for everyone involved. Our team is here for you every step of the way, providing expert advice and assistance in order to honour those who have been lost in the most appropriate manner.

Trust and Support

We understand the emotional process of saying goodbye. That is why our team works hard from day one to develop a trusted and supportive relationship with you throughout our services, providing the comfort and care needed during this difficult time.

We strive to provide understanding, reliability and continuity through our single point of contact, and offer 24/7 email and phone support, allowing clients to have a dedicated partner who is committed to their experience and needs.

Affordable Prices

We understand that planning a funeral can be both emotionally and financially overwhelming. That is why we are proud to offer pricing suitable for all budgets. By focusing on the highest level of quality in an affordable package, Personal Farewells has emerged as a trusted provider of funeral planning services.

We strive to ensure you can pay tribute to your loved one with a lasting and meaningful memorial service without worrying about the financial burden that often comes with the process.


Premium Funerals for Infants

Planning a funeral for a baby is a difficult and emotional task for any parent to face. While nothing can prepare someone for this kind of loss, having a funeral can be part of the grieving process and can help families come to terms with their profound sorrow.

It may also be a chance for friends and family to celebrate the brief life of the infant and to show their support. Holding a ceremony gives parents an opportunity to bring some level of closure while being respectful of their child’s life.

At Personal Farewells, we understand that saying goodbye to a baby can be an exceptionally difficult time. That is why our funeral directors strive to provide a dignified service that is tailored to meet the individual needs of each and every family, so they feel supported, respected, and receive the sincere compassion they deserve.

Our knowledgeable team goes above and beyond to ensure each service is handled with respect, understanding and sensitivity as we believe honouring your beloved angel and helping you through this difficult process is paramount.

Should you have any further questions or would like to discuss specific funeral arrangements for your needs, don’t hesitate to contact us today.

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