Direct Cremation & Memorial Service

The way that you mark the passing of a loved one is entirely up to your own personal preferences. You may want to do something as simple and memorable as offering flowers, while others prefer more elaborate methods adhering to religious or cultural requirements.

A memorable way to commemorate the deceased is through the combination of a Direct Cremation and Memorial Service. This option allows for respectful cremation coupled with a later more personalised gathering of friends and family to officially farewell a loved one. This option is a respectful way of expressing comfort, showing gratitude, and helping immediate family and friends to cope with their grief.

At Personal Farewells, we’re committed to creating an environment where you feel respected and supported throughout this difficult time. We provide comprehensive Direct Cremation and Memorial Services with a great degree of empathy, compassion and care. We know that saying goodbye is never easy, which is why our team will create a safe space for you to express your needs and emotions, making sure you’re looked after every step of the way.

What is Direct Cremation?

A direct Cremation is an option for families wanting something modest and with a lower cost. It is usually an unattended, no-frills cremation that doesn’t include a funeral service or involve a Funeral Director.

The process is simple, affordable and allows you to comply with your loved one’s wishes. This type of funeral service provides flexibility in deciding how people want their remains handled after they’ve passed away by omitting any formality or celebration associated with death rituals.

It typically takes place within days following someone’s passing as there aren’t many formalities that need to be adhered to.

Following the cremation, the family of a loved one who has passed can choose how they want their remains handled after the cremation. Some people hold onto these ashes as a keepsake while others may arrange less traditional services at later dates, such as an outdoor service or a more personalised occasion.

How Does Direct Cremation Work?

Times like these can make it difficult to think about the future. However, by taking some time now you’ll be better prepared for what’s coming and find this transition a little less overwhelming.

With direct cremation, the deceased is first transported from their place of passing to a mortuary facility where they will receive respectful essential care. The family then meets with the funeral director, who goes over applicable arrangements before signing documents that allow for the cremation to take place. Documents are then filed by the funeral director, including the death certificate.

If applicable, the deceased will then have certain items such as a pacemaker and personal items carefully removed. Jewellery and other items of similar nature will be passed on to the deceased’s family at a later point in time. A third-party doctor will then attend to verify the deceased and take care of the appropriate paperwork.

Instead of an expensive casket or coffin that’s associated with traditional funeral services, for cremation purposes, the deceased will be placed in an inexpensive and environmentally friendly coffin. As there is often no viewing that takes place before a direct cremation, there’s no need for embalming or other body preparations.

Typically you will have the option of choosing the urn the deceased’s ashes will go into. This can range from a more simple design to one more elegant and ornamental option.

The entire process of cremation can take approximately 3  hours, and once it’s complete the urn holding your loved one’s remains will be handed over to you.

What is a Memorial Service?

A memorial service is a ceremony that memorialises and honours the passing of a loved one. It occurs after the body has been cremated or buried, and has the same meaning as any other type of funeral service.

This service offers an important setting to help loved ones come to terms with loss and together work through grief. It helps those gathered acknowledge the reality of death and creates an environment that encourages expressions of grief and gratitude.

How is it Different from a Funeral Service?

A memorial service has different timing than more traditional funeral arrangements. In a traditional funeral, a service takes place prior to the body being buried or cremated. A memorial service on the other hand takes place after burial or cremation. Depending on the family’s wishes, this can be right afterwards, weeks, or even months after the death has occurred.

What Occurs During a Memorial Service?

Since there is generally no formal structure to a memorial service, how it’s organised is really up to you. The service can take the form of a religious service in line with the religious beliefs of the deceased, or a more personalised service more reflective of how the deceased lived their life.

Some common elements that may be included in a memorial service include:

  • Reading of prayers
  • Sharing a eulogy or special memory
  • Playing songs the deceased enjoyed
  • Playing musical instruments befitting of the occasion

Where are Memorial Services Held?

Without the limitations of more traditional funeral customs, a memorial service can take place in a variety of locations. While most tend to take place in a communal space, there are a number of other places which may be more suited, these include:

  • The family home
  • A religious place of worship
  • A meaningful outdoor setting such as beach or park
  • A place of personal or family significance

Benefits of Direct Cremation & Memorial Service

If you are looking for an alternative to a traditional funeral service, a direct cremation and memorial service may be an ideal option. This type of service offers a number of benefits, including a more personalised approach, lower costs, and greater flexibility.


With traditional funeral arrangements, the body of the deceased is present, which entails a lot of additional costs. This includes costs such as vehicle transportation and staff to handle the coffin and other associated equipment.

A Direct Cremation & Memorial Service eliminates the need for these costs and is in no way less meaningful or respectful than more traditional funerals.

Our Package Includes

Direct Cremation (NSNA) & Memorial Service
from $5590

Here at Personal Farewells, we provide a comforting and personal service for people from all walks of life. We offer direct cremation and memorial services that reflect your loved one’s individualism, no matter what their faith or background may be.

Direct Cremation (NSNA) & Memorial Services include:

  • 24/7 Customer care and support
  • Transfer into our care anytime within the Sydney or Wollongong
    • We service ALL AREAS OF NSW, including Sutherland Shire, Wollongong and Campbelltown
    • Additional fees apply for all areas outside of these regions
    • There are NO additional costs for after hours, weekends or public holidays
  • Medical and Cremation Certificate
  • Cremation Coffin
  • Crematorium Cremation Fees
    • Cremation at Macquarie Park Crematorium, North Ryde, NSW. Additional fees apply for cremation at other crematoriums
  • Registration and Death Certificate from the Registry of Births, Deaths & Marriages
  • Basic Mortuary Care / Professional Service Fees
  • Single weekday service
    • Chapel and Church included, venues and function rooms will incur additional fees
  • Fresh floral arrangement valued at $150
  • Celebrant / Clergy
  • Personalised Memorial Book keepsake

Should you have any further questions on any details of our packages don’t hesitate to contact us.

Greater Flexibility

In a traditional funeral, the service takes place before the body is buried or cremated, this brings a tighter timeframe and limits the options of exactly what can be arranged. With a Direct Cremation & Memorial Service, the service occurs after burial or cremation and can take place days or even weeks after.

With this type of arrangement, you have a greater degree of flexibility and time to plan a service that is fitting to the memory of your loved one. This allows family and friends to plan a send-off that is more intimate and personalised.

A memorial service can serve as an appropriate mix of a traditional funeral and celebration of life.

It has some structure but has the ability to be personalised, while the mood lies in a good balance of reflective and celebratory.

More Options for a Final Resting Place

With cremation coupled with a memorial service, you are freed from the limitations of a cemetery.

Your loved one’s remains can be kept exactly according to their intentions. This may entail keeping them at home in a suitable urn of your choosing, or scattered across a hiking spot or waterway that holds a special meaning.

Some of the options available to you include:

  • Place in a columbarium at a nearby cemetery (a structure for the reverential and usually public storage of funerary urns)
  • Buried at a cemetery
  • Buried on private property
  • Scattered on land
  • Scattered at sea
  • Kept at home

Note it’s important to factor in that there are various rules and regulations that apply to the spreading of ashes. To be safe, you should check which are applicable in your state.

Environmentally Friendly

Cremation is an environmentally-friendly way to conserve land for future generations. With this option, remains can be kept at home or scattered in a small columbarium that takes up less space than traditional coffins.

Additionally, cremation eliminates the need for embalming and its many associated harmful chemicals. Embalming techniques use formaldehyde, which is not ideal for our environment or the staff handling the process.

Why Us

When you lose a loved one, it can be difficult to know where to turn. At Personal Farewells, we are here to help. We have a team of professional, compassionate and caring staff who will take care of all your needs during this difficult time.

We’ve based our business to run on a number of fundamental principles.

Family Values

There is no greater bond than the one between family members. They care deeply for each other and want nothing more than to see their loved ones happy, which makes them invaluable in difficult times.

Personal Farewells is a 100% family-owned and operated business that recognises the importance of family values. We strive to offer top-quality service with compassion at every turn, showing the care and empathy one normally receives from family.

Fully Tailored Services

We know that every family is unique and has its own particular traditions. That’s why our team of experienced professionals will listen carefully to what you want, so your loved one can be farewelled in the most fitting way possible, just as they were cherished by those who knew them best.

Our friendly professional team will spend the time to understand your unique situation, and then advise the right service option to meet your needs.

Trust and Support

We want to make the process of saying goodbye as smooth and respectful as possible. That’s why we provide one point of contact who will answer any questions or concerns you may have every step of the way.

Our team is here, with 24/7 email and phone support, meaning you can count on us being there when you need us the most.

Affordable Prices

We’re committed to providing you with the best possible service at a price that fits your budget. We provide our clients with affordable options so they can make decisions based on what is most important, not how much it costs.

We offer a range of flexible quality service options with varying price points to help support our clients in their time of need.

At Personal Farewells, we understand that you’re going through a difficult time. You need someone to care, listen, and guide you through the entire process. We’re committed to being an empathic compassionate shoulder of support, who will look after you every step of the way. We pride ourselves on providing personalised service to honour and celebrate the life of your loved one. Whatever type of funeral or cremation is most suitable for your loved one, we offer family values and one-on-one care, to help you create a meaningful farewell.

Call us on 1300 95 95 33; we’re available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and can provide the honest advice and support you need at this time.

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