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2021 Trends Defining the Future of the Funeral

As with most things in popular culture, funeral services and ceremonies follow trends as well.

Almost everything can be improved and personalised, and end of life customs are no exception, especially with the increase in technology and greater awareness of global warming and the need to protect our planet.

Here’s how 2021 is defining the future of the funeral.

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More Personalisation and Meaning

Funeral services are an important part of the grieving process for those left behind, so people are planning funerals that are aimed at helping friends and family come to terms with their loss.

The funeral and the burial or cremation can be fully personalised to reflect the uniqueness and individuality of the deceased, which makes it more meaningful for family and friends, and helps them to say goodbye properly.

There’s also a trend for family members to participate more actively by helping to prepare the body or dig the grave by hand.

More Cremations

Our ever-increasing population has seen a rise in cremations as people want more flexibility and reduced expenses while using less space.

The COVID-19 pandemic has seen that number multiply because cremations are often thought of as a cleansing and purifying ceremony.

A cremation can be part of a full funeral or memorial service with a personalised scattering ceremony performed later.

The Impact of Technology

The Internet is helping to facilitate livestream funerals for family and friends who can’t make it in person, especially with pandemic lockdowns, travel restrictions and limits on the number of people at gatherings.

Some funeral homes will also provide a memorial video and photos as keepsakes.

Preparation and Prepaid Funerals

Australian Senior Citizens are opting to take the burden of funeral service preparation and expenses off their family by preparing and paying for their service and burial in advance.

The death of a loved one, even if it comes as no surprise, is a stressful time and a pre-arranged and prepaid funeral service makes it much easier for the family. Even some younger people are making early decisions about how they want to be buried and designing their own customised service.

Eco-Friendly Funerals

Increased eco-consciousness has given rise to more environmentally-friendly funerals where natural and recycled materials are used, and the casket is biodegradable.

The body is not embalmed and everything else that’s buried is non-toxic and made of sustainable materials. Cremated remains are placed in a container made from natural resources such as wood or paper.

Instead of a traditional headstone, plants or trees serve to mark the gravesite.

Arranging a Funeral

As a family owned and operated funeral home, Personal Farewells understands the importance of family. We’re here to support, guide and help you choose the right funeral service and a meaningful farewell for your loved one.

We offer a range of budget friendly funerals to help you honour and celebrate their life, with genuine compassion and personalised services to suit your individual requirements.

Call us on 1300 95 95 33, email us on [email protected], or fill out our contact form for more information and support to help you through the funeral process.


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