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Alternative Options to Farewell a Loved One

Today’s funerals are more personalised and individual than ever before, allowing us to say goodbye to loved ones with meaning. Gone are the days where we only wear black to funerals, we’re seeing so many requests to wear colour to remember and celebrate the life that was lost. Whilst many religious ceremonies are still quite traditional, respectful and have their place within society, there are so many other options available to families to celebrate the life of their loved one.

At Personal Farewells, we partner with several locations to provide families with alternative options to the traditional church or chapel funeral, followed by a wake at a nearby venue. Known as a ‘Celebration of Life’, select function venues can cater for the coffin to be onsite for the farewell ceremony as an alternative to a church or crematorium, with the wake following immediately thereafter (although, keep in mind that not all venues have the access requirements to be able to provide these services).

Below are our Top 3 venues we work with within the St George & Sutherland Shire area to provide our families with an array of personalised options to farewell a loved ones.

The Founders Room at Wanda Surf Club is an ocean front event space in Cronulla and can host a farewell service onsite with calming ocean views as a backdrop to send off your loved one.

Celebrate life with nature close by. Audley Dance Hall overlooks the beautiful Royal National Park. We work closely with their team to help you and your family share memories and celebrate life.

The location of the venue is a very spiritual place, steeped in deep indigenous history. The Dance Hall can seat up to 200 guests comfortably with easy access for us to transport the coffin in and out of the Dance Hall.

The Waterfront Function Centre is located within St George Motor Boat Club, San Souci. This venue offers an elegant event space where family and friends can gather, reflect and comfort one another

Ground level accessibility allows us to work with the team at The Waterfront to transport the coffin into the venue and coordinate a farewell where you can celebrate life amongst the gentle and soothing views of Kogarah Bay.

As a family owned and operated funeral service, Personal Farewells understands the importance of family, and we’re here to support, guide and help you choose the right funeral service and a meaningful farewell for your loved one.

We offer a range of affordable funerals to help you honour and celebrate their life, with genuine compassion and personalised services to suit your individual requirements.

Call us on 1300 95 95 33, email us on [email protected], or fill out our contact form for more information and support to help you through the funeral process.





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