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Practical Advice on How to Deliver a Funeral Eulogy

A funeral eulogy is a prepared speech given at the service or memorial of a loved one, and to be asked to deliver one is a great honour.

You want to celebrate the life of the deceased while being respectful and delivering it in the right tone for the occasion.

Here are some practical tips to help you deliver a successful eulogy that makes everyone proud.

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Preparation is Key

The key to a well written and successful eulogy is preparation.

Write your ideas down. Research eulogies online and get ideas and inspiration. Ask other people who knew the deceased for their ideas.

Writing down and expressing your thoughts and feelings helps you cope with the loss while bringing up memories you may have forgotten.

Make a rough draft and start to refine it. Your eulogy should convey what you need it to, without dragging on too long. Between one and two thousand words should be fine, but don’t be limited by other eulogies. This is personal to you and your loved one.

Write it Down

Once you’ve got a decent draft you can start to get feedback from other people. They may want to add or change something. Take their ideas into consideration but remember this is your eulogy so go with your instinct.

When you’ve perfected your written piece be sure to make backup copies just in case. You don’t want to do all that work only to lose it.

Know your Audience

Since a eulogy is personal, you should have a fair idea of the tone to use.

Some humour is fine, especially if the deceased had a well-developed sense of what’s funny or was a bit of a larrikin, but try to keep a balance.

Of course, if the person was very serious, and your audience is likely to be the same, then leave out the humour and just be respectful.

Practice Speaking it Out Loud

Now it’s time to practice speaking your eulogy out loud to a select group of people.

Learn your speech well so you’re not constantly looking at your paper.

Ask for feedback and make a note of any lines where you might stumble or become overly emotional. It’s ok to feel sad, even to shed a tear while delivering the eulogy, but people still want to understand what you’re saying.

Speak loudly and clearly and take your time. Use big deep breaths if you feel your emotions getting away from you and try to carry on. It’s ok to take a long pause if you need to; it is a funeral after all.

And remember, you were chosen to deliver this eulogy for a reason. Be yourself and you’ll do just fine.

Arranging a Funeral

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